Cuplock Standard Vertical

Cuplock Standard Vertical Manufacturer in Mumbai

Welded Bottom Cups are pressed from high quality steel and captive mobile Top Cups made out of malleable casting provide firm grip to Ledger Blades making the connection rigid and to endure rough site handling.

Verticals are connected end to end by an internal spigot (square or round). This is bolted to lower and upper vertical.

Note: Other non standards sizes of vertical / standards and horizontal ledgers could be made available on request.

Easiest to erect system having possibilities of connections in four directions at same levels ideal for providing access platforms, besides its versatility for staging and access around any structures. The top cup allows locking and resists sabotage. Cuplock Standard Vertical Manufacturer can be erected by unskilled labour, easily stored and maintained and can be used in a variety of applications as formwork support, circular access scaffolding, general access scaffoldings, etc

Available Size & Short Details
3.0M, 2.5M, 2.0M, 1.5M, 1.0M, 0.5M.
Made out of 40 mm. NB Tubes conforming to I. S. 1161 grade-YST 210/240 or B. S. 1775 grade 40B with provision of cups at the rate of 500 mm c/c. Cuplock Standards manufactured by RNP are of the sizes as mentioned above.