We are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of all types of Scaffolding Products. We offer scaffolding systems on hire basis. Also we offer wide range of scaffolding solutions to access and support formwork

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RNP Aluminum Formwork has Advantages Like: Precise Dimension of Form Work, Covering Larger Areas vis-a vis weight, Light Weight - easy Handling, Faster Repeatability rate &Easy Erection procedures

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Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete, As it is popularly called, refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customer's construction site in a freshly mixed and plastic or unhardened state .

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Our Products

We offer Scaffolding & Formwork consulting service to address or tailor your specific needs


Consists of welded frame of two vertical and two horizontals. The frames are interconnected by scissor cross brace through pins welded on frames and locked in position by spring clips. Bracing in alternate bays/lifts may be skipped depending on height and loading on Scaffolding.Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Manufacturer in Mumbai. Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Supplier in Mumbai

Excellent rigidity due to welded construction and cross bracings
No tools required for erection even by unskilled labour and no loose fittings
Ideal as access scaffolding & support staging for heavy structures, high slabs, bridge girders, etc
Excellent as scaffold tower around concrete hoist
No loose parts and individual's components easy for transportation and storage
Handy, hence easy for erection at great heights
Ideal as access scaffolding or support staging since the system allows any desired spacing of units.
Heights : 2000mm
Widths : 1000mm

We are Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Supplier in Mumbai, India, Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Manufacturer in Mumbai, India

Technical Specifications H Frame:
Number Size
Vertical Member 48.3 mm OD x 3 mm
Horizontal Member 48.3 mm OD x 3 mm
Socket Member 60.3 mm OD x 3 mm
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In resisting lateral forces, X-bracing are considered very effective for high-rise frames. As an extension of earlier work of vibration of X-braced portal frames, in-plane vibrations of N-story X-braced frames are investigated. The elements of such a frame are made of elastic continuum undergoing transverse as well as axial vibrations. The characteristics of X-braced frames are investigated by six sets of numerical examples including free and forced vibrations, and dynamic responses of ground motion. Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Supplier in Mumbai, Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Manufacturer in Mumbai

Technical Specifications of CROSS BRACES
Number Size
Cross Bracing MS TUBE 25 mm
Length Available 2500mm, 2000mm

We are well known Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Supplier in Mumbai, Cuplock Horizontals Ledger Manufacturer in Mumbai. We provide products like Cuplock Standard Vertical, Cuplock Horizontal Ledger, etc.

Basic features of Cuplock Standards are :

Welded Bottom Cups are pressed from high quality steel and captive mobile Top Cups made out of malleable casting provide firm grip to Ledger Blades making the connection rigid and to endure rough site handling.

Verticals are connected end to end by an internal spigot (square or round). This is bolted to lower and upper vertical.

Note: Other non standards sizes of vertical / standards and horizontal ledgers could be made available on request.

Easiest to erect system having possibilities of connections in four directions at same levels ideal for providing access platforms, besides its versatility for staging and access around any structures. The top cup allows locking and resists sabotage. It can be erected by unskilled labour, easily stored and maintained and can be used in a variety of applications as formwork support, circular access scaffolding, general access scaffoldings, etc

Available Size & Short Details
3.0M, 2.5M, 2.0M, 1.5M, 1.0M, 0.5M.
Made out of 40 mm. NB Tubes conforming to I. S. 1161 grade-YST 210/240 or B. S. 1775 grade 40B with provision of cups at the rate of 500 mm c/c. Cuplock Standards manufactured by RNP are of the sizes as mentioned above.

Basic features of Cuplock Horizontals are :

Minimum projection of blades avoids damages in handing and uniform dimension makes the cup joint rigid.

Available Sizes & Short Details
2.5M, 2.0M, 1.8M, 1.5M, 1.2M, 1.0M, 0.9M, 0.8M, 0.6M.
Made out of 40 mm. NB Tubes conforming to I. S. 1161 grade, YST 210/240 or B. S. 1775 with forged blades at the ends


An internal pipe to pipe joiner
Finished in yellow passivate.
Tube Diameter: 38mm
Weight: 0.85 Kg

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Adjustable U HEAD & Adjustable BASE JACK

Sizes Available
Dia 38 mm X 650 mm long
Dia 38 mm X 600 mm long
Dia 36 mm X 450 mm long
Dia 32 mm X 350 mm long

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"Double clamp Dia : 48.3mm Weight: 1.-1.03kgs"
"We offer precision engineered range of Beam Clamps. Our range is acknowledged for sturdy construct, robust performance and durability. These are available in galvanized or paint finish.

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It is used in combination with Foreheads and adapters and can withstand the full loading strength of Cup lock when fully operative

Available Size
Dia 38 mm X 650 mm long
Dia 38 mm X 600 mm long

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We offer precision engineered range of Base Plates. Our range is acknowledged for sturdy construct, robust performance and durability. Our base plate will work with lightweight support matte boxes and follow focus units. Because of the premium grade raw materials this item is not prone to corrosion and wear and tear

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These products can be used in all types of building construction, thus, are widely demanded in the market. Moreover, these are ideal to be used in the applications where there is a need of adjustable vertical load bearing member.

Technical Specifications
Name Size
Inner Tube 48.3 mm OD X 3.0 mm
Outer Tube 60.3 mm OD X 3.2 mm
Prop Nut Malleable Cast Iron Nut
Pin 16 mm Dia
Top / Base Plate 150 X 150 X 6 mm


We offer high quality Scaffolding Walkway/Plank/Jali/Platform. These sturdy products are known for their robust construction, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and durable nature.
Scaffolding Walkway/Plank/Jali/Platform is widely used in new construction, as it speeds up work in high areas by allowing more than one worker on the platform, and providing a place to handle materials

Technical Specifications
2.5mtr Long X 0.3mtr Wide


Range :3 ft. long, 4 ft. long, 5 ft. long, 6 ft. long, 8 ft. long, 10 ft. long, 12 ft. long, 15ft. long, 20ft. long.

We offer a huge array of pipes and tubes that are manufactured using high quality of steel and alloy. The standard sizes range from 3ft to 20 ft long,that are made out of 48.3 mm OD x 3 mm 40 B Class Pipes.

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These are sheet metal pressed couplers to connect scaffold tubes at right angle to each other. These couplers are designed to with stand distortion as well as slipping. This design combines pressed components, EN-8 eye bolts and rivets for maximum strength.

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SWIVEL COUPLER (Pressed Sheet Metal)

Swivel couplers are used for connecting two scaffold tubes at any angle to each other. These are mainly used for ledger bracings. These are used less safety load is required. These are available in galvanized or paint finish.

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